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When combined with use of the mobile Internet, modern app technology offers great potential for optimizing existing processes. Furthermore, the widespread use of tablets and smartphones means that its operation is familiar or, if not familiar, easy to learn. When integrating app technology, however, consideration should not only be given to implementing use cases but also to ensuring data security and data integrity. And last but not least, existing internal company databases need to be connected. The use of mobile apps also allows engineering processes to be optimized. For example, mobile apps can integrate data entered by the user directly into the process to improve workflows or reduce the risk of production downtimes.
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What we offer you

Does this sound familiar?

  • You can see that the use of mobile apps offers the potential to simplify or speed up existing workflows or workflows currently being planned.
  • You want to be able access and maintain your company databases irrespective of your current location.
  • You and your colleagues are a bit wary of the complex operation of desktop and web applications. What’s needed is a smart solution.
  • Your stakeholders communicate with you in the project context via a number of different channels (e.g. e-mail, calls) and you have to spend valuable time coordinating these channels.
  • You want to keep the data on the mobile devices used by your employees and customers up-to-date, irrespective of their current location, and without using too much bandwidth.

What if…

… you could simplify and speed up your processes and thus have more time for your actual work?

… you could use an application to access your processes and company data via your mobile devices, irrespective of your current location – coupled with secure data provision using state-of-the-art web service technologies?

… you could do your work using fast and intuitive mobile applications?

… your communication could take place bidirectionally via a mobile application, thus making it possible to view iterations of the process stakeholders centrally?

… your data was stored in the application and bandwidth was only consumed by changes to this data?

Further Highlights:
  • Do you know what functions you want an app to offer but you don’t know how to actually implement an app? We provide you with the help that you need.
  • Do you already have documents describing best practices that would benefit your employees or customers? We help you implement your ideas.
  • Are you in the process of creating or further developing your IoT architecture? We can show you how to integrate mobile apps in a way that makes sense.
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