Cloud Deployment
  • Container management with Docker

  • Deploy applications with a single click via Rancher

  • Container orchestration with Kubernetes

  • Automated and accelerated software deployment

When it comes to successfully implementing business processes and achieving corporate objectives, the relevance of a company’s own IT infrastructure cannot be denied. There is also the increasing need to be able to adapt a company’s internal IT landscape to changing constraints and conditions (e.g. on the market or as defined by law) flexibly and as quickly as possible.
Scalable container technology offers a means of coping with these dynamics. Unlike other technologies, an IT architecture built on this foundation quickly makes the requisite IT resources available – at a lower cost and with less susceptibility to errors.

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What we offer you

Does this sound familiar?

  • Software delivery to your customers is error-prone and complex.
  • The software deployment process at your company is extremely time-consuming.
  • Your existing IT infrastructure is expensive and inflexible. You find it difficult to respond to changing requirements.
  • Managing your IT infrastructure and the associated processes is a constant challenge -– a lack of transparency is not uncommon.

What if…

… software delivery was fully automated?

… you could make your software available internally or externally within minutes instead of days?

… container technology could help you make more efficient use of your resources and allow you to immediately respond to the dynamics of a modern business environment?

… you always knew who is using which version of which software and it was possible to obtain a complete overview of your IT infrastructure?

Further highlights:

  • Joint analysis of your case-specific requirements
  • Identification of potential for optimization within your IT infrastructure
  • Development and implementation of custom solutions
  • Support for establishing optimized processes and systems over the long term
  • Experience with the leading tools Docker, Kubernetes, Rancher
  • Clearly organized distribution of your server applications using an intuitive user interface
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