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Software Development
  • CAD Applications

  • Individual Apps (iOS/ Android)

  • System Integration/Interfaces

  • Customized Interfaces

Today, software is a fundamental component of a company’s system environment. Optimum software utilization is however often only possible after the software has been adapted to company-specific processes.
Customized software therefore allows solutions to be adapted to your requirements as best possible. An analysis of existing processes and work methods is crucial for the successful development and introduction of new software. In engineering environments in particular, processes and methods must be well understood if internal methods are to be incorporated in the software design.
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Does this sound familiar?

  • Your standard software does not meet your requirements and workarounds are needed to use it successfully.
  • You find it difficult to integrate new software in existing internal solutions, environments and processes.
  • Engineers and software developers speak different languages when it comes to specifying software – misunderstandings are inevitable.

What if…

… your requirements were analyzed and compiled together with the same partner that would later implement the software?

… the integration of the software in your environment, an analysis of interfaces and coordination with internal contacts were part of the development project?

… your software implementation partner also had the requisite engineering know-how?

Further highlights:
  • Result-oriented development of customized software that meets the highest quality standards
  • Our solutions are implemented using state-of-the-art technologies that ensure maximum security and service life
  • Utilization of state-of-the-art architectures (web developments, client-server architectures, standalone solutions, container and database connections)
  • Maintenance, further development and updating of existing software using new technologies
  • System / software rollout, including setting up the requisite hardware and software environment and providing the appropriate training
  • :em AG has extensive experience with a wide variety of projects involving the aerospace and automotive industries, Atlassian Tool Chain, data exchange, supplier integration, CATIA / NX, process automation, etc.

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