CAD/CAE/Knowledge-Based Engineering
  • Multi-CAD methods development

  • Knowledge-based construction

  • Simulation-driven Design

  • Process integration

  • Automation

Innovative and highly diversified solutions that meet ever more stringent requirements, adhere to tighter constraints and are launched onto the market before the competition are the key characteristics of successful products today. Waste within manufacturing has been successfully minimized with the help of lean management. However, when it comes to product development, duplicate development work and inadequate or insufficiently secured solutions serve to show time and again just how carelessly the resource knowledge is often handled. In this day and age, successful products can only be created where knowledge is recognized as a valuable resource and is used efficiently.
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Does this sound familiar?

  • Your customers expect an increasing number of new product variants in increasingly short periods of time.
  • Your product and engineering know-how is primarily in your employee’s heads and is often insufficiently documented and shared.
  • The reuse of existing design solutions is uncoordinated and fragmented, making it difficult to avoid expensive duplicate development work.
  • Your company has its own standards and design guidelines but lacks the time and resources needed to train developers and monitor compliance.
  • Your company already has templates and solution toolboxes but there is a lack of trust and acceptance on the part of the users.
  • Knowledge management at your company is a matter for the human resources department – you are in need of powerful measures for product development.

What if…

… your next product was on the market well ahead of your competitors thanks to the coordinated reuse and automation of recurring product development activities?

… your design, configuration and engineering know-how was available to developers on their engineering workstations?

… the amount of time and effort spent on routine activities that bring no added value, like implementing naming and formatting rules, could be greatly reduced?

… existing templates and solution catalog could finally be used with success?

Further highlights:
  • High level of user acceptance among developers thanks to clear user guidance and good scalability.
  • Fast generation of validated product variants due to modular CAD toolboxes at assembly, individual part and feature level.
  • Identification and documentation of your product variants and configurations based on interviews and an analysis of industry standards, legal standards and inventory data.
  • Use of Knowledgeware solutions in CATIA V5/V6 and Knowledge Fusion and Product Template Studio in NX for smart engineering.
  • Integration and provision of additional information for downstream processes in the CAD model, such as product manufacturing information (PMI).

We provide CAD/CAE/KBE support to the following customers

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