• CAD-PDM process chains

  • Data Conversion

  • Data quality/data check

  • Automation

The CAx/PLM system landscape at every company is subject to constant change, starting with software release updates during the year through to switching to an entirely new system due to the transition to or introduction of a state-of-the-art TDM/PDM/PLM platform.
The resulting variety of process formats increasingly demands in-depth knowledge of multi-CAD methodologies on the part of internal and external data producers and consumers. If a (new) migration or collaboration project is involved, many years of experience dealing with the participating systems, the data they generate and their individual characteristics are also needed due to tight integration in a wide variety of processes and complex systems.
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Does this sound familiar?

  • Your existing CAD system is to be replaced and your data has to be integrated in a PDM/PLM system. Your migration strategy is based on still vague estimates of the timeline, data volume and quality of the input and target formats.
  • Your suppliers and service providers deliver engineering data in a variety of (CAD) formats; further processing of this data is only possible to a limited extent and requires a great deal of manual effort.
  • Many of the process formats in your company are generated by your specialist departments. The time and effort required to process the data – from generating, checking and preparing it all the way through to sending it – further reduces the already limited development time.

What if…

… your CAD/PLM landscape was harmonized in such a way that no manual intervention was required for converting, checking and preparing the data?

…you could take advantage of a partner with extensive CAx/PLM know-how and the experience gained from a variety of migration and collaboration projects?

… your specialist department could concentrate on your core business, such as development and innovation, instead of getting tangled up in the details of generating, checking and preparing the data?

Further highlights:
  • Use of Elysium’s intuitive yet precise, highly-developed conversion and repair software
  • V5/NX/JT training seminars for Daimler suppliers
  • CAD/JT data exchange

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