• Process evaluation

  • Process landscape

  • Product development following the V-model

  • Hands-On A-SPICE via web application

A(utomotive)-SPICE is a domain-specific variant of the international standard ISO/IEC 15504 (SPICE). It has been declared by leading European vehicle manufacturers to be a binding standard relevant to product liability – also for their suppliers. The aim of using A-SPICE is to be able to handle complex systems with different domains safely and comprehensibly in the product development process. Especially the communication and exchange of work results between OEMs and suppliers shall be organised in a binding, efficient and high-quality manner.

A-SPICE sets out specific requirements for processes, the methods therein to be applied and the deliverables. In addition, A-SPICE offers the possibility to assess the maturity of development projects in a standardised way.

In our consulting projects, we consider A-SPICE as a source of requirements for the development process. We align them with the requirements of other guidelines, key stakeholders and users. In order to be able to use A-SPICE in daily development work, we establish “process navigators” for the respective user groups in the development environments of our clients’ intranet. The result is an intuitive application that guides users through their development processes. Moreover, necessary methodological knowledge is documented and further information from the development systems of each domain is made available.

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How we can support you with the A-SPICE standard

Does this sound familiar?

  • Processes are not being adopted and implemented, because their contents are insufficiently and often vaguely described.
  • Complex development projects of the domains system, software, mechanics and electronics run according to different and undefined process models and therefore inefficiently.
  • Being a supplier, you need to prepare your organization for certification according to A-SPICE, because your OEM requires it.
  • You want to avoid product liability risks and be at the cutting edge of technology in product and system development (systems engineering).
  • You fear losing track of the complex standards landscape.

What if …

  • … a unified IT environment enabled your developers to use your processes on a regular basis?
  • … time-consuming coordination  could be eliminated through clear interfaces between departments and component parts?
  • … A-SPICE was an open book for you and you could see the differences and similarities to your development processes?
  • … you could look forward to an A-SPICE certification with clear objectives and optimal preparation?
  • … a custom-fit process landscape would transparently unite all the norms, standards and methods that are important for your company?
Further highlights:
  • A-SPICE from draft to daily use by developers with our proven process model
    • Strategy and roadmap
    • Requirements and process analysis
    • Method development and harmonisation
    • Implementation in your IT environment
    • Rollout and continued development
  • We use A-SPICE questionnaires, stakeholder interviews and workshops for process analysis, evaluation and project scoping.
  • We design processes and methods in a user-friendly way with innovative IT tool suites and integrate the established software tools.
  • We provide security through broad expertise in software tools and transparent integration of state-of-the-art requirements documents.
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