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Collaboration Management
  • Multi-CAD data exchange

  • Connection of external partners, joint ventures and external locations

  • Collaborative Systems Engineering

  • Engineering IT-Standards

In today’s global economy, enterprises are increasingly concentrating on their core competencies. Expertise outside of these core areas is usually acquired by means of projects with external partners. The automotive industry is one particular area that has seen the launch of numerous decentralized development projects, including expansion and diversification projects such as joint ventures, for example.
As the new constraints of the legal framework have begun to take effect over the last few years, the number of required connections has been constantly increasing. What is more, the needs of external users vary greatly from case to case. So far, no single standard solution has been able to cover the many different areas of application such as, for example, support, computation and simulation, CAD design, multi-CAD data exchange, template development, E/E development, requirements management, software development, production, etc.
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Does this sound familiar?

  • You are faced with the challenge of planning the phases of a collaborative undertaking, from initiation to termination of the collaboration, and are not sure which individual factors need to be taken into consideration – time pressure makes the task even more difficult.
  • You ask yourself what know-how you will be contributing to a cooperation and how it can be protected.
  • You find it difficult to identify the preconditions or constraints that are crucial to planning a collaborative undertaking.
  • You have to solve the problem of how to integrate the cooperation partners in your IT infrastructure because problems between the systems and tools will not be encountered until the implementation phase.

What if…

… you could initiate, run and terminate future cooperations quickly, efficiently and securely with the help of reusable process components and engineering IT standards?

… you could plan the time and effort involved to the highest possible degree of accuracy before the actual project is launched?

… you could dramatically reduce the time needed to prepare a cooperative project, e.g. the time needed to integrate external partners, without omitting any important preconditions or constraints?

… you could use engineering IT standards to establish a more efficient exchange of data between the systems?

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Further highlights:
  • Set up your cooperation on the basis of a tried and tested criteria catalog  and move quickly from the planning phase to the operational phase of a project.
  • Due consideration is given to key constraints such as data formats, communication paths, trustworthiness, organizational forms, know-how protection, project management tools, data transfers, multi-CAD data exchange, coordination with other project teams, IT infrastructure, etc.
  • Long-term added value thanks to the joint development of a reusable process component that can be used in future cooperations.
  • We apply the “Need to know/Need to use” principle, which ensures increased security for all those involved, when connecting external partners.

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