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  • Digital transformation

  • Internet of Things (IoT)

  • Augmented reality (AR) / virtual reality (VR)

  • AI/Machine Learning

  • PoC/Pilot/Implementation

Numerous companies are developing new business models and services as part of their digitization strategy. If these strategies are to be implemented successfully, the sustainability of existing development processes in particular needs to be examined. The issues to be considered in the context of digitalization are manifold and range from customer and requirements management (CRM, REQ) to development and simulation (CAD, CAE, CAT) through to maintenance and service. When it comes to product development, concepts and methods such as systems engineering, IoT and the digital twin must be given due consideration. It is also important to take a close look at what impact the digitalization of products will have on engineering IT.
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Does this sound familiar?

  • Digital transformation is giving rise to new business models and services in your company.
  • Digitalization is bringing about immense changes in how you collaborate with your partners.
  • You see the need to digitalize your products – but first you need to digitalize your development processes.
  • As Engineering IT you want to quickly show the specialist departments the advantages of IoT.
  • You lack the support provided by suitable engineering IT tools and platforms.
  • You realize that standards have a key role to play in the successful implementation of digitalization at your company.

What if…

… you could better align your digitalization strategy for engineering IT with the digitalization of the product divisions?

… you could use a demonstrator to quickly illustrate the advantages of IoT – from the requirements to implementation in the product – to the specialist departments?

… a proof of concept could quickly make IoT more accessible and easier for you to evaluate?

… you were provided with an overview and evaluation of available engineering IT standards and their purpose in the context of product development?

… you could establish the best IT infrastructure for your digitalization efforts using end-to-end, standards-based process chains?

Digitalization strategy
Further highlights:
  • Support for identifying and developing an overarching digitalization strategy (vision, mission).
  • We identify innovative use cases that are supported by the digitalized products.
  • Evaluation of the benefits of the use cases and concrete measures in the products.
  • We implement a pilot version, prototype or proof of concept together with you using concrete product examples.
  • We help you develop the IT architecture using enterprise architecture management (EAM) methods.
  • Networking all aspects of digitalization including ALM, systems engineering and IoT on the basis of the Thingworx platform.

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Dr. Marcus Krastel, Management Board, :em engineering methods AG
Dr. Marcus Krastel

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