Systems Engineering Lifecycle Management
Systems Lifecycle Management
  • SE Data Management (SE DM)

  • Fully Model-Based Development

  • Traceability and Structure Management

  • SE Configuration and Variant Management

  • Data Integration in the V-Model

The disciplines involved in systems engineering, i.e. mechanical, E/E and software development, apply different processes, use specific methods and deploy IT tools that have been optimized to meet their respective requirements. Systems lifecycle management enables the model-based development of systems across disciplines in the context of systems engineering and provides end-to-end data management and workflow support. Functionalities relating to both data management for software development (application lifecycle management (ALM)) and traditional PLM domains are used.
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Does this sound familiar?

  • Developers from different disciplines speak different languages. Teams within the disciplines work according to different procedural models and deliver their results at different intervals. The integration of the development deliverables is difficult.
  • The system and behavioral models created during system development have no bearing on later development deliverables.
  • Preparation of status information for the project manager involves significant manual effort. Great uncertainty as to whether the status will be interpreted correctly nevertheless remains.
  • The development deliverables are located in IT tools that can only be accessed by the respective developers. Processes that involve different disciplines are not managed in an overarching workflow.

What if…

… everyone knew which IT tool should be used for which purpose?

… different procedural models were allowed during collaboration and the integration of partial deliverables, and the status of the project level and sub-project level were nevertheless clear thanks to defined synchronization points for the deliverables?

… configuration and change management were clearly regulated, and regulated to a great extent in the same way, both at system level and within the disciplines, thus ensuring traceability between requirements, development deliverables and test results?

… compliance with guidelines could be ensured?

Further highlights:
  • User support for solutions implemented using the Atlassian tool suite
  • Configuration of the tool suites from IBM (Jazz Platform) and PTC (Integrity) in line with process requirements
  • Implementation of methods for requirements management in ReqMan, IBM DOORS NG and PTC Integrity Lifecycle Manager
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