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:em AG is the strategic partner for sales, implementation and support of Anark products in Germany, Austria and Switzerland as well as Anark Marketing Agent for all of Europe.

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The Anark Product Suite automates the capture and publication of technical data.

The Anark Product Suite enables companies to bundle and efficiently publish their product data. Web-based Technical Data Packages (TDPs) are easily accessible from any device, can be flagged for clarification and discussed in real-time chat with full traceability of who said what and when. Reclaim valuable time by streamlining TDP creation and work with confidence that your embedded PMI and MBD data is displayed accurately and true to the original.

Diagram of the Anark Product Suite and product overview

Anark Collaborate

Use the collaboration platform for content management, access management, and advanced collaboration by combining markup and real-time chat. It allows everyone to collaborate, solve problems and ask questions in the context of the data.

Protect your intellectual property and share technical data without files with anyone who needs it. Collaborate with markup and real-time chat tools.

More detailed information about Anark Collaborate can be found on the Anark web site.

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Anark Workstation

Provide the technical data packages everyone needs without tedious, repetitive work.

Anark Workstation can create technical data packages (TDP) so you don’t have to do it yourself. Create instructions that allow a repeatable process and automation. Use templates to achieve the same result. Publish TDPs as file-free web content and 3D PDFs for easy use by all stakeholders.

Whether you’re an experienced Model-Based Definition (MBD) company or just getting started, CAD adapters fully understand your data and convert native CAD designs into shareable 3D PDFs and file-free TDPs.

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Anark Publish

Anark Publish automates the discovery, packaging and publishing of data from multiple sources and integrates seamlessly with leading CAD, PLM and ERP systems.

Synchronize publishing with PDM and PLM version control, workflows and packages. Ensure that current and accurate data is delivered to the right people at the right time.

Automate 3D PDF publishing from PLM and PDM and create MIL-STD-31000B-compliant 3Di PDF packages with engineering data from the original source.

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