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Atlassian products provide support for managing projects and create transparency during collaboration. The tools impress with their outstanding usability, coherent user experience and the high level of flexibility provided by their wide-ranging configurability.
It is therefore no surprise that Atlassian products are not only used in the software development field but also with great success in a variety of different industries and areas.
Users need to be familiar with the capabilities and functionalities of the individual applications in the Atlassian tool suite if they are to make the most of them in their own area of application.
As an engineering expert and experienced and reliable Atlassian partner, :em provides you with support from the initial strategic considerations to clarifying IT requirements through to implementing automation in your own IT infrastructure. We can also extend functionality with custom apps.

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What we offer you

Does this sound familiar?

  • You are thinking about switching to Atlassian applications, but you don’t know how to use them to map your processes.
  • Your current software partners are familiar with the software but have no real understanding of engineering processes.
  • Your Atlassian applications have reached their infrastructure-related limits.
  • Your Atlassian licenses are purchased abroad and the order process is not without its problems.

What if…

… your agile processes were transparent?

… experienced experts who are familiar with both software development processes and engineering processes provided you with the support you require?

… a competent partner provided you with fresh new impetus and identified further possibilities for integration and expansion?

… you could purchase licenses with German invoices and thus avoid the obstacles posed by international orders?

Further highlights:

  • We work directly with Atlassian and assume responsibility for initial procurement and the subsequent periodic renewal of the licenses.
  • We have wide-ranging experience installing Atlassian tools – from setting up the required virtual machines, containers and bare-metal servers through to installing databases and the tools themselves.
  • We are happy to analyze your software installation, recommend improvements and carry out the improvements for you.
  • Thanks to our many years of experience with Atlassian tools, we are able to provide you with help and advice at any time.
  • An open add-on concept and extensive APIs mean that the Atlassian tools can be adapted to meet your specific needs. We develop exactly the add-on that you need.
  • We create an overall solution that is suited to your tools and IT processes and which can be modified quickly and easily.
Dr. Erik Claassen, Management Board, :em engineering methods AG
Dr. Erik Claassen

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