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Tasks that can be automated using batch processes to save time often crop up during the course of everyday working activities. Starting these processes can pose a challenge for employees and managing the processes and results often leads to chaos.

With BatchR, :em AG provides a flexible solution for executing batch processes of any kind. Regardless of whether the tasks involved are PDF or CAD conversions, CATIA or NX batch tools, SSH commands or web service calls, BatchR performs them in orderly fashion according to priority and notifies you of the process results using a variety of different means.

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What we offer you

Does this sound familiar?

  • Your employees often have to start the same jobs or processes.
  • Your employees have to compete for use of a tool with a limited number of licenses.
  • The process results are distributed over your employees’ network drives and PCs and no overview is available.
  • Starting your batch processes is a complex task and different parameters produce different results.

What if…

… you could provide your employees with a tool that they could use to easily start your batch processes?

… utilization of your licenses could be optimized by means of queues and automatic distribution?

… you had a system that provided centralized management of your processes and enabled the results to be shared?

… you were able to store complex settings in profiles that can be selected easily?

Further highlights:
  • Any number of agents for the parallel processing of batch runs
  • Connection of any CAD converter, e.g. for converting data to JT
  • Prioritization of runs and agents, e.g. to define fast and slow runs
  • Notification of users via e-mail or web service call
Dr. Erik Claassen, Management Board, :em engineering methods AG
Dr. Erik Claassen

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