CADdoctor for JT

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Validation of CAD data quality for JT

CADdoctor from Elysium is a powerful tool for repairing, editing and converting CAD data. For years, CADdoctor has been highly valued in CAD/CAE process chains for its reliable results and outstanding quality. The latest version offers even better performance thanks to multi-core support, improved repair functions and optimized functions for verifying geometries.

With CADdoctor for JT, companies can now validate the quality of CAD data in JT format and repair errors. This ensures compliance with design guidelines and quality standards and safeguards internal processes and data exchange with partners.

CADdoctor for JT checks whether CAD models in JT format feature the required geometrical properties as regards B-rep and Parasolid, and whether non-geometric properties such as file version, structure information, model properties like units of measurement and attributes, information about tessellation such as level of detail (LOD) settings, and other categories (including conformity with the Daimler standard MBN10059) meet the required specifications.

Data quality can be checked in so-called “hybrid mode”, so that the checks are carried out using both the JT/Parasolid toolkit and Elysium’s tried-and-tested PDQ Check. If requested, geometry errors in the JT model can also be repaired.

CADdoctor for JT

The following checks are performed:

  • JT toolkit: Integrity checks are performed on JT files using non-geometric information such as LOD settings, attributes and characters
  • Parasolid toolkit: Parasolid geometry checks are performed on JT files using Parasolid Body Check, e.g. checking the quality of data to be read into NX to ensure that data can be exchanged with Daimler and NISSAN
  • Elysium PDQ Check: Geometry checks are performed on JT files for import into other CAD systems, e.g. import into CATIA or Creo, to ensure data exchange

CADdoctor for JT can also be customized flexibly to meet customer-specific requirements, e.g. checks for internal processes or data exchange with manufacturers and suppliers. It also offers a variety of functions for generating reports in XML, 3D PDF or 3D HTML format including embedded JT models, and without any need for software licenses.

Application scenarios involving the verification of CAD data in JT format include supplier integration and data exchange as well as long-term data archiving and retrieval (LOTAR). System integration also allows verification and repair with CADdoctor for JT to be automated and integrated in existing IT systems and environments based on the batch function via the command line.

The standard version of CADdoctor includes key functions such as repair, geometry simplification, geometry verification, mid-surface generation and reverse engineering. These functions reduce the amount of manual effort involved in preparing CAD data, save time thanks to automation and improve interoperability between different phases and steps in the development and production process. CADdoctor for JT checks the quality of JT models and repairs them if necessary.


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