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Your 3D digital data will be connected, enriched, and ensured by Elysium’s modular interoperability platform.

:em AG is an official sales partner of Elysium in Germany, Austria and Switzerland: with our many years of experience, we support you in the planning, installation and implementation of the 3DxSuite in your company.

Digital End-to-End Interoperability with Maximum Flexibility

Interoperability has never been this easy.

Elysium 3DxSUITE focuses on providing you the capabilities you really need.

Freely pick your modules and aggregate them to your individualized solutions that match your engineering and business requirements.

From manual data handling to high throughput, fully automated and integrated processes — you are always in the driver’s seat.

Time to start the engine.

3DxSuite: Optimization through Automatization


Over 70 adapters, optimizers, front-ends and utility tools


From single user to global enterprise

Usability & Mobility

Shareable 3D digital data made for sustainability

3DxSuite: All-in-one Platform to Support your MBE Lifecycle

The 3DxSuite provides all essential technology pieces to support your digital end-to-end engineering processes. Freely pick and combine – like building blocks – the capabilities that best suit your requirements and build your individual solution.

PDQ Check

Check your data quality to ensure geometry is clean for downstream use and manufacturability. Know your design will pass a customer quality check before you get rejected – avoid the cost and time of re-work.

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Detecting PDQ errors is only the first step; repairing them adds value. Our state-of-the-art healing technologies allow you to repair your 3D models and automate the process of quality assurance. Additionally, gaps between different CAD systems and formats (different math kernels, implementations, methodologies, etc.) are bridged to achieve the highest quality.

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Convert files without sacrificing quality to enable internal or external collaboration among multiple CAD systems and neutral formats. Or, promote a single, common CAD platform to maintain resources and best practices, with a reliable translation platform for proper data use by customers, partners, suppliers, etc.

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Compare two CAD files to determine inconsistencies among geometry, 3D annotations, attributes, and more for change detection management, derivative, and archival use cases.

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Remove featured details such as holes, ribs, and chamfers that streamline data for faster processing by analysis.

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Report Creation

Automatically create reports for your PDQ and validation results as 3D PDF or HTML. Utilize individual triggers for report creation and customize contents to enable a future-proof documentation and to leverage communication.

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Polygon Optimization

Use our polygon functions to optimize the quality of your data and prepare for efficient reverse engineering with high-quality surfaces.


Quickly and easily extract mid-surfaces from detailed solid models for CAE analysis. Use interactive and automated tools to optimize the process of creating mid-surfaces.

Reverse Engineering

Automatically create CAD models based on point clouds or polygon data from 3D scans or from CAE simulations.

From Workstation to Enterprise: Solutions for All User Scenarios
3DxSUITE provides multiple front-ends to leverage your processes.
  • On-demand desktop application with execution at local workstation
  • Integrated application to utilize batch processing
  • Web-based application for enterprise solutions

You can select the best configuration for each user scenario.

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Other products from Elysium


Eliminate your migration woes and streamline the process with Elysium CADfeature. Go beyond just the model’s boundary representation and capture features, assembly relationships, associated drawings, and non-graphic properties of the complete model.

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Data Package Studio

Generate Data Package as a container of deliverables including CAD files, reports and documentations. Create rich and sharable 3D PDF documents with templates designed by you with Elysium’s Data Package Studio.

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