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Repairing, preparing and converting CAD data

CADdoctor is highly valued in CAD/CAE process chains for its reliable results and outstanding quality. The latest version offers even better performance thanks to multi-core support, improved repair functions and optimized functions for verifying geometries.

The key functions include not only repair and geometry simplification but also geometry verification, mid-surface generation and reverse engineering. This means that CADdoctor reduces the manual effort involved in preparing CAD data, saves time thanks to automation and improves interoperability between different phases and steps in the development and production process.

CAD data repair

Development partners and manufacturing companies often have to access CAD data in a number of different formats from different CAD systems. Importing this CAD data and transferring it to the target system for further processing is a process that is often error-prone or inadequate. The CADdoctor software can be used to repair design data in the neutral formats STEP, IGES, Parasolid, SAT and JT. CADdoctor also supports a number of different CAD formats (e.g. CATIA, NX, Pro/E)

Geometry simplification

The functions for geometry simplification allow selected design features to be removed or replaced by other geometry. The envelope generation function also makes it easy to exchange data with customers and partners.

Mid-surface generation

The mid-surface function allows high-quality mid-surfaces to be generated from complex volume modes for CAE analysis.

Reverse engineering and polygon handling

CADdoctor enables point clouds (e.g. scanned 3D data) to be converted into polygon CAD data. The reverse engineering and polygon handling functions are used to prepare, repair and process the data.

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Module for mold making

The functions for mold making provide assistance when assessing manufacturability and preparing offers for components. To do this, functions for recognizing undercuts, drafts, wall thicknesses, and mold parting lines are made available, as well as functions for designing tools (e.g. demolding direction, slider position).

CADdoctor for NX and PDQ check for NISSAN

CADdoctor for NX, which was developed specifically for NISSAN and its suppliers, also includes a product data quality (PDQ) check based on Siemens NX (Check Mate in particular) and stamps CAD data in NX before it is sent.

Wizards and automation

Wizards and automated process steps reduce manual repairs and processing to a minimum, which significantly reduces the amount of time needed for manual intervention by the user.
The so-called quick conversion function performs import, repair and export automatically without any need for further interaction, thus saving time. The result is a volume model created without any manual effort.

Batch mode

The CADdoctor batch solution processes multiple CAD data sets in batch mode. The CAD data is automatically imported, analyzed, processed, repaired and exported.

Supported CAD data formats

The full version of CADdoctor can convert and repair the following formats:  CATIA, Pro/E, NX, I-DEAS, Parasolid, ACIS (SAT), JT, STEP and IGES. CADdoctor is available for the operating systems Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10, both as software for interactive use and as a batch solution.

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