Conversion of CAD models with features and associative drawings

The solution for the feature-based conversion of CAD models

CADfeature enables full CAD data conversion and offers flexible scalability and integrated process management capability for managing CAD remastering and CAD healing workflows. CADfeature also offers robust mechanisms for checking quality and verifying geometry to ensure the highest quality data conversion process. Automation significantly reduces the time and effort required for data conversion, CAD remastering and migration, thus saving costs.

CADfeature design content extraction

CADfeature extracts 3D CAD model content using a plug-in that connects directly to the CAD system, thus mapping the CAD model structure in the target format after conversion has been performed. CADfeature also creates 2D drawing files to extract section cuts, views, perspectives, scale factors and associative links to 3D parts or assemblies.

Conversion options

A number of different conversion parameters can be controlled by the user:

  • A wide range of conversion options: combinations of features, boundary representations, 2D drawings and data mining
  • Quality check options can be configured in order to control downstream processes
  • Easy metadata and attribute mapping
  • Automatic processing of individual parts through to the processing of complete directories comprising assemblies, individual parts and drawings
  • Incremental conversion and control: Notification of previously converted models and versions to avoid unnecessary conversions. This powerful function reduces the amount of time needed for conversion and the effort involved for product families, reused parts and assemblies.
  • CADfeature indicates which features are not supported and helps with their repair
  • Batch processing for multiple migrations
CADfeature Schema

Feature support

Support for feature-specific information comprises:

  • 2D drawing information such as surfaces, views, layout and scale factors
  • Parametric 3D model information such as dimensions and geometric constraints, reference points/reference geometry, Boolean operations, extruded features, drafts, lofts, sweeps, rounds, fillets, chamfers, surface operations, holes, shells, transformations/patterns, system and user attributes, and more

CADfeature application examples

CADfeature provides a fast and efficient way of converting CAD data. CAD model content is gathered on the basis of the CAD data model in the original system and converted into parametric features with histories in the target system.

Process management

Converting CAD data can be a difficult and costly task. CADfeature’s process manager organizes and simplifies migration management and allows conversion workflows to be defined. The process manager automates the conversion steps, thus increasing the level of efficiency in migration processes.

The conversion results can be presented in two formats: XML format for reuse in other software tools and graphical representation for 3D visualization. To ensure high-quality results, CADfeature compares surface areas, volumes, centers of gravity and point clouds with the permissible geometry deviations.

CADfeature’s viewer allows assemblies, parts, features and their properties, and 2D sketches to be displayed and constraints to be defined.

Key functions

Robust feature mapping between leading CAD systems, including:

  • Data mining option to measure the success/failure ratio of the conversion
  • Standard parts mapping between the systems with the correct part/assembly orientation
  • Incremental conversion and part tracking to avoid the duplicate processing of parts
  • Enhanced quality check routines provide reports on CAD quality data and visualization of the models in a 3D viewer
  • Associativity between 3D models and 2D drawings is preserved
  • Tool for comparing the original data and the results in a converted file or “remastered” file
  • Elysium offers a robust B-rep processor as a fall-back conversion mechanism if the conversion of features is not possible
  • Intelligent quality assurance reports allow migration success to be checked

Supported CAD systems:

Dassault Systèmes: CATIA V5-6, SolidWorks
AutoDesk: Inventor
PTC: Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire Series, PTC Creo Parametric
Siemens PLM: I-DEAS NX, NX, SolidEdge

CADfeature Programm Screenshot


Dr. Sven Kleiner
Dr. Sven Kleiner
CADfeature by Elysium
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