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Migrating CAD models does not have to be complicated or painful. CADfeature is designed to help you move CAD data from one system to another with features and drawings while maintaining associativity.

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:em AG is an official sales partner of Elysium in Germany, Austria and Switzerland: with our many years of experience, we support you in the planning, installation and implementation of the 3DxSUITE in your company.

Translating with Design Intent

Most CAD systems cannot read from/write to another format with full features. With CADfeature you can translate a model by the way it was designed.

What does CADfeature provide?

  • A feature-based model
  • Preserves assembly relationships
  • Maintains associated drawings
  • Captures non-graphic properties (attributes and metadata)

If you must change designs while preserving the design intent, then you do not have to be limited to geometry only. This will allow you to change and update your model as needed in a different CAD system.

Highlights of the CAD migration with CADfeature

Migration designed around you

We have over 15 years of migration experience. We recognize that every migration is unique and as a result, we built CADfeature to work for and with you alongside your process.


CADfeature understands your model. It avoids translating parts that have already been translated, supports geometric features used in your company’s parts and processes, has built-in quality checking, and provides highly automated processing that minimizes human interaction.

Designed for Performance

CADfeature is designed to handle large enterprise data migrations. Scheduling and the multi-process function allows you to better allocate resources, migrate data during non-peak hours, and work autonomously.

Features and Capabilities

Feature Translation

Translate features utilizing the feature tools and history from the original CAD system to the best practices of the new CAD system.

Intelligent QA Reports

QA Reports will display geometry differences but will go past that to check overall results. It will check the accuracy of parts, assemblies, mass properties, max. deviation and messages/notes.

2D Associative Drawings

Migrate your 2D drawings and keep the associativity with your 3D models. Associative drawings that preserve sheet layouts, drawing views, scale factors, annotations, and dimensions that update when associated 3D parts or assemblies change.

Automated Batch Processing

Set up multiple jobs to automate and schedule a variety of different translation types.

Other functionalities of CADfeature

Thread Definition

Retain cosmetic threads and attribute values from the original CAD system.

Standard Parts Mapping & Part Reuse

Map over standard parts from the original CAD system to the standard parts of the new CAD system. No translation required.

Metadata & Non-Geometric Attributes

CADfeature migrates metadata and non-geometric attributes to ensure that the information behind the geometry, such as PMI, is represented accurately in your targeted CAD system.

Assembly Relationships & Part Library

Accurate translations of assembly mating relationships and reuse of already translated parts.

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:em AG is an official sales partner of Elysium in Germany, Austria and Switzerland: with our many years of experience, we support you in the planning, installation and implementation of the 3DxSUITE in your company.

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