CATIA V5/V6-JT DirectTranslator

Import/export of high-quality JT data to/from CATIA – interactively and in batch mode

Daimler AG suppliers have been allowed to deliver design data in any format that can be processed by Siemens NX since 1 April 2015. NX data can be received, processed and sent using the neutral CAD data format JT, provided that the specialist department and thus the component engineers accept this format. A JT translator that can generate JT data from CATIA and read JT data (generated using NX) into CATIA is required to do this.

As a partner to Elysium Inc., :em AG provides CATIA-JT DirectTranslator for this purpose. It has been certified by Daimler and successfully tested in a number of benchmarks carried out by the prostep ivip Association. Elysium’s CATIA V5/V6-JT DirectTranslator software for generating JT data in CATIA and reading JT data into CATIA is based on a CAA plug-in and offers the following functionality:

Export of CAD data from CATIA to JT

  •  Support for 3D PMI (product manufacturing information)
  •  Support for CATIA V4 components in CATIA V5/V6 CATProducts

Import of JT data to CATIA

  • Automatic geometry check and repair for generating B-rep data in CATIA
  •  Conversion to B-rep data in CATIA
  •  Support of single part, monolithic and PLMXML for product structures
  •  Support for 3D PMI (product manufacturing information)

Supported formats

  • CATIA V5/V6 R19, R20, R21, R22, R24 (V5-6R2014), R25 (V5-6R2015), R26 (V5-6R2016), R28 (V5-6R2018)
  • CATIA V6R2013x
  • 3DEXPERIENCE R2015x, R2016x
  • JT import: V6.4 – V10.2
  • JT export: V8.0 – V10.2
CATIA V5 DirektTranlator Funktion

The interactive CATIA V5-JT-DirectTranslator allows the automatic export of JT data and the conversion of JT data into a CATIA V5 part or assembly within a single CATIA V5 session. The system requirements for Elysium’s interactive CATIA V5-JT DirectTranslator are the availability of CATIA V5 and corresponding license modules (e.g. FTA for PMI).

The V6 or 3DEXPERIENCE DirectTranslator converts “native” CAD data directly from or to ENOVIA – without making use of the neutral 3DXML format. The 3DEXPERIENCE DirectTranslator is integrated in 3DEXPERIENCE and uses xCAD technology for this purpose as it facilitates import and export via a menu and selection of file formats – not only JT but also Creo, NX and Parasolid.


Dr. Sven Kleiner
Dr. Sven Kleiner
CATIA V5/V6-JT-DirektTranslator
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