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Customize 3D PDF Templates with DataPackage Studio

Use your individualized 3D PDF templates for efficient collaboration.

Skip the coding. Forget outsourcing.

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Highlights of the DataPackage Studio from Elysium

Supports a variety of CAD and 3D data formats while maintaining the highest fidelity representation.


Edit templates flexibly to display the right information for each purpose. Control branding, layout, functionality, and more.


Freely place and scale your 3D data and complete your package by importing and/or attaching any additional information.

How can Data Package Studio help you?


Data Package Studio combines Elysium’s trusted CAD solutions with the ability to customize what goes into your 3D PDF, so you can guarantee you are sending the right information.

Your 3D data. Your Use Case.

Engineering Change Order with Revision History & Supplemental Information

Customer/Supplier Delivery Product Definition with PDQ Certification

Long-Term Archival Native, Archival Formats with Certification

All of the benefits of 3D PDF. Now customizable.

3D PDFs are becoming a common shareable format for many manufacturers. Its lightweight, easy-to-share, and data can be protected. With Data Package Studio, you can have all those benefits plus the ability to tailor the reports to your desired criteria.

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