Drawing Validator

Drawing Validator by Elysium Inc

Simplify the process of validating your 2D drawings and improve the efficiency of your collaboration – from development through to production.

Drawing Validator frees up your design engineers, developers and decision-makers to focus on what they do best by taking over the laborious task of validating 2D drawings.
Engineers can invest their valuable time in true innovation, provided that design changes are communicated at an early stage and fed into downstream processes with the help of the Drawing Validator.
Reducing the number of manual tasks in the validation process ensures a high standard of quality and reduces lead times independently of the users’ level of know-how.

Detect design changes quickly and minimize the risk of errors

Elysium 2D Drawing Validator Demo

Identify the differences between two drawings by means of semantic validation

  • Compare semantic values based on the official CAD API
  • Filter out redundant and negligible differences

Adapt test criteria to meet requirements

  • Adapt the test criteria and tolerances to meet your specific requirements
  • Use batch processing to automate processes

Simplify communication with user-friendly reports

  • Display in the web browser
  • Highlight changes using animations and the categorization of element types
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Dr. Sven Kleiner
Dr. Sven Kleiner
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