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The use of parametric and knowledge-based CAD systems such as CATIA V5 or Siemens NX means that a large part of a company’s design and manufacturing know-how ends up in the CAD models. The preparation of models for data exchange with partners, suppliers or customers is usually a manual, and therefore error-prone, time-consuming process that is difficult to control. This creates a risk of knowledge leakage, i.e. irreparable damage that is almost impossible to quantify as the preservation of a company’s know-how is of vital importance for safeguarding its economic future and indeed its very survival.
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Does this sound familiar?

  • Company know-how in CAD models drains away unchecked as a result of exchanging data in collaborative projects.
  • A great deal of time and effort is needed to check whether your CAD models observe prescribed methods and best practices.
  • Considerable time is spent manually transferring model content to OEM master models.

What if…

… specific know-how integrated in CAD models could be automatically removed before data exchange?

… model content could be made transparent at the touch of a button and quality defects could be eliminated early on?

… content could be automatically transferred from a single source to multiple master models based on predefined profiles?

IPpro Features
Further highlights of IPpro:
  • Available for CATIA and NX
  • Rule-based reduction of the know-how contained in models
  • Modification of models during data transfer based on customer requirements
  • Transfer of model content to a customer environment
  • Preparation of models for downstream processes, e.g. derivation of simulation models
  • Evaluation and analysis of models with regard to their information content
  • Intuitive interface for interactive use directly from within the CAD system
  • Automated batch processing that can be integrated in your system landscape
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