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ReqMan®: requests for quotes and processing in record time

Increase efficiency and quality throughout the bidding process

ReqMan® optimizes your requirements management in three respects:

ReqMan® is the only requirements management software solution worldwide that allows you to automatically analyze and evaluate your user requirements specifications (URS) regardless of file format and structure. ReqMan® provides you with a constant overview of the project status, allows collaborative distribution and processing of your requirements in a team, and enables you to then pass these requirements to downstream systems, customers and partners.

ReqMan saves you valuable time

Reqman time saving bidding
Time savings when preparing bids and processing requirements specifications
Reqman time saving installation / training
Time savings during installation and training compared to other requirements management tools
Reqman time saving bidding
Time savings when breaking down the source document into individual requirements
Figures are based on data collected from our customers. ROI for ReqMan is achieved after approx. 3-6 months.

Calculate your savings using ReqMan

Decomposition of documents

Number of documents per month
Effort per document (hours) without ReqMan
Internal hourly rate of your expert
Effort with ReqMan (hours)
Number of documents per year
Usage of ReqMan/month (hours)
Savings per month
Savings per year

Savings effect quality improvement

Quality improvement per project
Savings per year

Savings effect project time reduction

Value per project time reduction
Total from project time reduction
Number of projects per year
Savings per year

Automate your bidding process in three easy steps:


Import the requirements specification and other applicable documents

Import PDF nach ReqMan

Evaluate and compare the requirements as a team

ReqMan Vergleich Anforderungen

Share the results with customers, partners and downstream systems

ReqMan Dashboard Übersicht
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Just how powerful is ReqMan in practice?

requirements can be managed in a single project
requirements can be read in and separated in less than 15 seconds
500 or more users can work collaboratively at the same time
For more information about ReqMan, please download our product flyer here.

Excerpt of our over 100 customers that are using ReqMan successfully:

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