We deliver the digital future of engineering.

:em AG develops innovative methods and software solutions for engineering. As an integrator of IT systems, :em AG has a comprehensive cross-industry portfolio. True to the vision “We deliver the digital future for engineering.” :em AG supports the practical implementation of the digital transformation at its customers with a broad range of services and software applications. For this purpose, :em’s team designs digitalization strategies and roadmaps and supports the realization of model-based, digital development. With its software product ReqMan®, and a broad consulting portfolio with topics such as Digital Twin (DT), Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE), Cooperation and Requirements Management as well as Model Based Definition, :em AG supports customers from the industries Mobility & Transportation, Mechanical and Plant Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Information Technology as well as Medical Engineering and Life Science.

Management Board of :em engineering methods AG (from left to right): Dr. Erik Claassen, Dr. Marcus Krastel, Dr. Sven Kleiner and Christian Donges

Our Mission

For our customers, employees and partners alike, we are a reliable, agile and innovative company offering consulting services and IT solutions in the engineering sector.

We offer our employees a corporate culture in which business objectives can be achieved while still giving due consideration to personal interests.

We have acknowledged expertise in pioneering aspects of virtual product development and are the first port of call in the market.

We generate added value for our customers by developing strategies and concepts and implementing them in processes, methods and IT solutions.

Our quality, adherence to schedules, effectiveness and efficiency ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction over the long term.

We manage our company on the basis of trust and rely on an efficient organization as the foundation for our success.

We are shaping our own future as an independent and growth-oriented company.

Die neun Leitsätze der :em Kultur

Innovationen können stetig und nachhaltig erzeugt werden.

Unterschiede in Geschlecht, Ausbildung, Persönlichkeit und Herkunft im Team werden als Chance gesehen.

Arbeit und privates Umfeld haben ihren Platz bei :em.

Eigenverantwortung und Entscheidungen in einer vertrauensvollen Zusammenarbeit werden wertgeschätzt.

Informationen sind
transparent für jeden einsehbar und verfügbar.

Kritik ist erwünscht
und wird konstruktiv bearbeitet.

Teamgeist zählt und jeder Einzelne identifiziert sich mit :em.

Persönliche Kontakte sind eine Bereicherung unserer täglichen Arbeit.

Jeder Einzelne versteht sich in seinem Auftreten und Handeln als Repräsentant der :em AG.

The Management Board of :em engineering methods AG

Dr. Erik Claassen

is responsible for the Powerhouse software in the Products and Solutions division. Internally, he is responsible for :em AG’s IT infrastructure and technology.

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Christian Donges

is responsible for the ReqMan software solution in the Products and Solutions division. He is also responsible for :em AG’s Sales department.

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Dr. Sven Kleiner

is head of Powerhouse Model-Based Engineering (MBE) in the Product Lifecycle Services division as well as the Finance, Human Resources and Project Management departments.

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Dr. Marcus Krastel

is head of Powerhouse PLM Services in the Product Lifecycle Services division and is responsible for the Marketing and Communications department.

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The Supervisory Board of :em engineering methods AG

Benno Rösch

provides the Management Board with advice on all business and commercial matters.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Reiner Anderl

advises the Management Board on strategic issues in the areas of digitalization, Industry 4.0 and smart engineering.

Gunter Schimpf

provides the Management Board of :em AG with support in all financial matters.


:em engineering methods AG
Rheinstr. 97
64295 Darmstadt

Phone: +49 6151 7376-100
Fax: +49 6151 7376-101
Email: info@em.ag
Web: www.em.ag

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Assessment ID: A52797-1

:em AG is ISO 9001 certified

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