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With its instant3Dhub, Threedy offers a unique infrastructure component that allows companies to meet the constantly growing demand for highly available 3D data in responsive and interactive applications.

Industrial 3D data can be referenced directly, e.g., from an existing PLM system, without prior preparation and can be automatically linked with other business information. This results in new, scalable applications over the entire life cycle, from engineering to after sales – web-based and with zero-footprint on the client.

Find out here, how :em AG can support you in the context of MultiCAD and PDM.

Threedy Instant3DHub diagram showing the function of the infrastructure component.

What added value do we offer you with Threedys instant3Dhub platform?

3D Data Streaming

Stream most complex industrial 3D without data preparations, conversions or cloud uploads to any device, the single-source-of-truth remains untouched.

Visualization at scale

Visualize any 3D data, machines, factories, entire cars, or aircrafts with ease in a browser. Create data meshes with additional information like other CAD formats, Metadata or IIoT data throughout the entire value chain.

Live collaboration

Limitless live collaboration on data, explore extensive DMU functionalities or review features without data preparation for internal or external collaboration.

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