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What added value do our services in the context CAD offer you?

Development of migration and collaboration strategies

Individual development of methods and benchmarks for customised system selection

Data analysis, conversion, repair and preparation with Elysium Tools

Advice on MultiCAD data exchange and project planning/support

What is MultiCAD data exchange?

Our understanding of MultiCAD data exchange

Cooperation within a company and with external partners requires an exchange based on a wide variety of process and data formats of the authoring systems involved, e.g. MCAD, ECAD, simulation.

These MultiCAD scenarios must be supported by methods know-how and automatable, reliable processes for data conversion and data transfer. By integrating best-in-class conversion solutions into CAX-PDM process chains and ensuring data quality with the help of automated checks, manual efforts for the transfer and preparation of CAD data are avoided.

MultiCAD data exchange – our consulting services

High degree of automation for CAD/PDM data exchange in collaborations
Benefit from our extensive CAx/PDM know-how and design the engineering data exchange with customers, suppliers and partners without high manual efforts and with smooth processes

Best possible data quality in the target format
The use of best-in-class converters and product data quality tools to analyse and document the available data guarantees the best possible data quality in the target format.

What is CAD-PDM migration?

Our definition of CAD-PDM migration

By CAD-PDM migration we mean the planning, conception and implementation of a consolidation or replacement of CAD authoring systems or CAD/PDM process chains as part of a migration project. In addition to a robust tool chain for carrying out the data transfer, conversion and associated quality assurance, this requires many years of experience with your existing data stocks, the CAD systems and migration tools involved, as well as the boundary conditions of the migration project and its special features.

Illustration of the CAD-PDM data migration.
Presentation of the consulting services from analysis and consulting to benchmarking for CAD-PDM migration.

CAD-PDM-Migration – Our consulting services

Analysis and harmonization of your CAD-PDM landscape
We carry out an inventory of your current CAD-PDM and IT infrastructure, the recording of the requirements for authoring and data management systems, the conception of the replacement of your current CAD system or the integration of the data into a PDM/PLM system incl. planning of the timeline, the scope as well as the quality of the input and target formats.

Advice, support and implementation of your migration project
By analysing your data stocks, your requirements and other boundary conditions, we design a custom-fit migration strategy. Furthermore, we support you in the planning, implementation and operation of a migration tool chain. Alternatively, we can carry out the entire migration project for you, including CAD data conversion, PDM migration and quality assurance, and ensure that you can work effectively and efficiently in your future development environment.

Give the Digital Thread a sustainable basis
You believe that modern CAD and PDM systems out-of-the-box can map your current product documentation completely and semantically? Far from it – because for many contents of mechanical design there are no standardized workbenches and features. However, clear agreements and extended methods in design are a prerequisite for reliable and efficient further processing of the information in subsequent processes. That’s why we support the definition of your CAD design with the help of intelligent features (e.g. drill holes, connection technology, reference points and many more) and thus ensure digital consistency so that your digital thread has a sustainable basis.

Benchmarking and selection of the appropriate CAD/PDM system
In close exchange with you, we carry out tailored benchmarks based on your individual requirement criteria in order to select the most suitable CAD/PDM system for your use cases and introduce it together.

Optimize your data exchange with the tools of our partner Elysium

Benefit from interactive and automated CAD data conversion based on the Elysium converters. As a long-standing Elysium sales partner, we use our experience to integrate the tools smoothly into your data management and data exchange processes.

In addition, we incorporate data quality checks and result optimizations with healing and simplification modules.

You can also use the Elysium converters, including Daimler-certified JT data exchange and our Supplier Attribute Assistant, to simplify recurring accounting processes.

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FAQ – frequently asked questions about CAD and PDM

Here, the use of best-in-class converters and product data quality tools for analysing and documenting the existing data quality is a good idea.

For more information on the supported formats, please visit the page of our partner Elysium.

Depending on the requirements for the quality of the result data, the relevant scope of data and the necessary migration strategy, a CAD or CAD/PDM migration can require efforts ranging from a few weeks to a project lasting several months. We help you with our questionnaire to make an initial assessment and plan your CAD/PDM migration project systematically and securely for you.

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