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Software Development in engineering

In the process of digitalizing engineering, software is an elementary component of the system world in companies. However, optimal software use is often only possible through adaptations to company-specific processes.

Individually developed software offers the possibility to optimally adapt solutions to your requirements. The analysis of existing processes and working methods is crucial for the successful development and introduction of new software. Especially in engineering, e.g. in the development of CAD/PDM applications, a high degree of understanding of processes and methods is necessary in order to pick up on internal methods and incorporate them into the conception of software code.

With our experience, equally in engineering and software development, we speak the language of both engineers and software developers and prevent misunderstandings. We use our know-how to solve your problems with software and prevent detours or compromise solutions.

What added value do our services in Software Development offer you?

Extensive experience of many years in software development in engineering

Wide know-how of programming languages and technologies

Programming of standard and individual software as well as interfaces

App development in engineering

In addition to desktop applications, apps for mobile devices (iOS/Android) are becoming increasingly popular – the advantages are obvious: the smart apps work on the move and save time through simple and fast operation.

We develop individual mobile apps for you and thereby improve your existing engineering processes.

Of course, we also integrate them into your current application environment and take care of the secure provision of the processed data via modern web services.

Our Software Developments are characterized by:

  • Results-oriented development of individual software with the highest demands on quality.
  • Implementation of our solutions based on the latest available technologies to ensure the highest level of safety and durability.
  • Use of current architectures (web developments, client-server architectures, standalone solutions, container and database solutions).
  • Maintenance of existing software, further development and updating with new technologies.
  • The system implementation of the software, including setting up and training the necessary hardware and software environment.

We can offer a wide range of software project experience in the fields of aerospace, automotive, Atlassian tool chain and app development, data exchange, supplier integration, CATIA / NX, and process automation.

Our proven approach to Software Development

Requirements analysis
An experienced :em expert works out the requirements for your individual software with you.

Conceptual design
Based on the requirements, our experts create a technical software concept.

Basically, the project process is different for each customer and adapted to the customer.

Continuous quality control
The quality of the software is constantly checked and assured during the development process.

We take care of the professional integration of the software into your company.

Would you like to learn more about Software Development?

Please contact us – Dr. Erik Claassen will be pleased to answer your questions.

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You can also find an overview of our services in our company brochure

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FAQ – frequently asked questions about Software Development

Yes. In addition to individual new development, we offer the maintenance and expansion of application software, the optimization of applications in terms of performance and maintainability, refactorings, redesigns or the modularisation of applications. And we support organizations in the realization of build pipelines, continuous delivery and software distribution.

Basically, high process runtimes and high process costs can be indicators that work can be done more efficiently with software. Low productivity or a high error rate can also be triggers for optimizing processes with software.

Yes. After the software has been developed, the source code becomes your property.

In the context of Software Development, we also support you on these topics:

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