Holistic product line engineering (PLE) with pure::variants

A dedicated and systematic approach to variant management is essential for effectively addressing the increasing complexity of products, diverse market demands, and unexpected customer requirements.

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Product Line Engineering (PLE) represents a well-established strategy for tackling this challenge, and it is fully integrated into the pure::variants solution. We approach every aspect of product development, from initial requests to hardware and software components, and even testing, with a comprehensive product lineup in mind. This approach thrives on the fact that components and engineering elements shared among similar products often have a common foundation, differing mainly in product-specific details.

By treating these similar products as a unified entity rather than as individual, standalone projects, we streamline the development process, thus simplifying its management. This overarching concept underpins the product line approach.

Since October 2023, pure-systems has belonged to the US software company PTC (NASDAQ: PTC).

Values of Product Line Engineering with pure::variants

Product Line Engineering (PLE) is a strategic approach that steers and manages complex tasks by promoting efficiency, consistency, and collaboration, ultimately reducing development risks and improving the overall quality of products in today’s dynamic and competitive markets. It is fully integrated into the pure::variants solution.

Companies in various industries, like Automotive, Aerospace, Defense, Rail & Transportation, trust pure::variants for efficient engineering asset variability management. This speeds up new variant launches, boosts reuse, and maintains high-quality standards. The scalable variant management preserves configuration knowledge and offers a comprehensive product portfolio view for data-driven decisions.

Specialized variant update concepts reduce maintenance effort, optimizing development. With an open interface, variant data aids requirements analysis, system design, implementation, and testing. Plus, pure::variants is fully customizable for tailored solutions, enhancing your development capabilities.

Eliminate redundancy and errors in development by using a comprehensive set of engineering assets with clearly defined variation points. Automatically resolve these variations for each variant and asset type based on high-level feature configurations, allowing pure::variants to consistently generate variant-specific engineering assets. Enhance cross-team and cross-company communication regarding product portfolio variability from the outset using feature models, enabling early detection of inconsistencies before the system integration phase.

Efficiently manage the evolution of your product line assets through seamless integration of variant and configuration management. Leverage pure::variants’ analytical capabilities, including similarity analysis, impact analysis, and cluster analysis, to always assess the effects of changes on different product variants and optimize your portfolio.

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