System Simulation
  • Multiphysical 1D simulation

  • Process integration and design optimization (PIDO)

  • Tool integration

  • Simulation standards

System simulation enables the holistic analysis of the behaviour of complex multiphysical systems. To achieve this, the overall system is decomposed into subsystems, whose simulation models are created with the corresponding interfaces. First insights into the behaviour of the overall system can be gained already in the early phase of product development by linking individual one-dimensional simulation models (front-loading).

In combination with Model-based Systems Engineering (MBSE), the simulation models can be linked with further information (e.g. requirements, test cases, system parameters). Thus, dependencies in the overall system – which normally only emerge late in the development process – can be determined and analyzed much earlier. In this regard, the selection of a suitable tool set and the use of an appropriate modeling methodology is essential.

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Does this sound familiar?

  • When securing your products, you realize that early phase decisions do not account for interactions between different subsystems.
  • When running a simulation, the acquisition of the required data consumes a large part of the available time.
  • A high level of manual effort is required to exchange data between your tools.
  • Different departments create detailed models with domain-specific simulation tools, but there is no interconnection between them.
  • You adjust system parameters to meet a specific requirement only to find that other parameters no longer match?

What if…

… the first simulation results for the validation of your systems were available in the early phase?

… your users would be supported in the selection of fitting models and parameters and thus the time required for a simulation was significantly reduced?

… the tools would transfer data automatically based on well-defined workflows and interfaces?

… you could simulate multiphysical problems and the resulting interactions in one environment?

optimization methods would help you lay out your systems?

Further highlights:
  • Analysis of existing processes and tools for product validation and verification.
  • Creation of benchmarks for different tools in the context of system simulation, as well as support for pilot projects.
  • Support and training during the introduction of system simulation
  • Automation of processes (e.g. virtual commissioning using OPC UA)
  • Programming of required interfaces (e.g. using the FMI standard)
  • Application of system simulation in the context of MBSE using different tools (e.g. Cameo Simulation Toolkit, 3DEXPERIENCE Behaviour Modeling, Mechatronic Concept Designer, Capella, Integrity Modeler)
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